DELMIA Apriso is a product suite that is now part of the Dassault Systèmes group, as a global manufacturing software solution that enables manufacturers to transform their operations while achieving and sustaining operational excellence. Its award-winning software and services solutions tightly synchronize global manufacturing operations and product supply networks by delivering real-time visibility and control across the enterprise.

As part of Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA brand, Apriso products comprise a software and services solution that function like a manufacturing software-based platform for Manufacturing Operations Management. The Apriso Manufacturing Execution System (MES) offers more than just a way to manage the people, processes and resources of production operations at a single plant. The Apriso MES product offering is an enterprise, global solution to manage production, warehouse, quality, maintenance and labor tracking processes across all location. Nearly 100 leading global manufacturers leverage an Apriso solution to achieve global manufacturing excellence through Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and other continuous process improvement initiatives to meet local plant, market and customer needs.

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

Production is continually transforming through a new approach to business management – that includes not only a manufacturing plant but also a warehouse and an extended supply network, with the aim of streamlining material flow through the supply chain to eliminate supplies, improve responsiveness to changing demand conditions while simultaneously continuing Improves quality and reduces the cycle time.

Aprisos Manufacturing Operations Management enables managing production operations in a way that it:

  • Manages all interdependences and provides complete monitoring system at the whole company level
  • Provides “a unique version of truth” that enables synchronized and coordinated information flow which results in a firmer control of all kinds of production processes
  • Enables optimized production that doesn’t involve using papers but uses electronic ways to deliver working instructions, check errors and functionally coordinate during the production process
  • Manages complete life cycle of business processes for production and consistently implements global processes and best practices
  • Empowers manufacturers to achieve the goals which include reducing the amount of waste and the duration of the cycle as well as improving effectiveness, quality and customers satisfaction
  • Provides certain people with right information at the right time to make better decisions on each aspect of production, including advanced planning, analyzing production capacities, changes in the inventory and duration of the cycle
  • Offers excellent foundations for firm quality management as well as continuous improvement and compliance
  • Refines Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma initiatives to create long-term sustainability improvements

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Now, more than ever, the excellence of production depends on simplifying business either in the production plant or in the entire supply chain. Today, it is required by manufacturers to transform their business by introducing automatization as well as implementing and managing the quality of business processes throughout the whole system. This means complete integration of the process which encompasses the supply chain, production, maintenance, distribution, quality and working operations no matter where these objects and operations are physically located.  Apriso Production is the software that provides MES abilities and, in combination with other Apriso applications, offers far better quality solutions than the traditional MES system.  Apriso applications work as an IT platform in order to achieve different production processes on each of your locations and provide unique integration and cooperation with the supply chain. This expanded look of the MES is called Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM).

APRISO Global Customer Success Stories